Curriculum Vitae

  • Name and Surname:   Mirjana Fuštić
  • Date of birth:   January 15 1975
  • Address:   No. 88,Mokroluška Street,BelgradeSerbia
  • Telephone:   +381113973465;Mobile 063 8306 316
  • E-mail:
  • Education:   Faculty of Applied Art – mural painting; academic painter
  • Other skills:    fluent Russian, German and English; computer skills (especially Photo shop)
  • Working experience:   permanently employed as arts teacher in “Desanka Maksimović” primary school inBelgrade since 1996
  • Personal qualities:    ambitious, creative, imaginative, initiative type of person
  • Hobbies:    playing the piano, spending time with children, care for abandoned animals


  • Professional training courses: numerous (See the scans)
  1. Professional training course in computer usage
  2. Permanent computer training modulation program
  3. Methodical training course in visual art
  4. Playing, singing, creating through dance
  5. Secession in European and Serbian Art – a step to culture
  6. Seasonal workshop (Hobby and Art -Beograd)
  7. Introduction into Calligraphy
  8. Methodical Workshop for visual art I
  9. Methodical Workshop for visual art II
  10. Creative thought in visual activities
  11. A competent teacher between theory and practice